Support in the Community

At Linton Support Ltd - Hub,  we are keen to have a positive impact on the local community and support adults with additional needs to access a variety of services. Our team of staff are able to provide help to individuals who currently live at home but need support to access community activities which continue to develop skills and maintain relationships with peers.


Community Support can involve help with accessing structured courses, attending enjoyable activities (swimming/horse riding/ local walks), medical appointments and anything else that the individual would like to undertake.

This support can be initiated by the local authority, parents, or the individual themselves. Community support can be funded by personal budgets, direct payments or through a private agreement.


For all individuals that we support, we aim to undertake an assessment of needs to ensure that we can provide a package individually designed and responsive to what is required. Staff will complete a Pen portrait, a Personal Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) and a Risk Assessment for individuals.


For further information about Community Outreach and the support available from Linton Support Ltd - Hub, please contact us and we hope to be able to answer all your questions.

Orion House
CQC overall rating -GOOD 
(2nd February 2019)