Helping Adults with Learning Disabilities shine

At Linton Support we are 100% focused on the people we support. We believe that each day should be as fulfilling as the next. This enables us to deliver a service that we believe enriches the lives of the individuals and their families. Our expert team understand the needs of the individuals and are dedicated to making sure that every step that they make, however big or small, is recognised.

This is what makes Linton Support special...  

We focus on maximising individual strengths rather than allowing people to be defined by their weaknesses.

Linton Support, based in Bideford, Devon, aims to provide a caring environment where individual rights are respected, individual living skills are developed and every individual’s quality of life is enhanced. Linton Support provides residential care for Adults (18 - 65) with Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADHD, Mental Health issues and Challenging Behaviour.


Using a person-centred ethos, individuals are cared for with respect, dignity, empathy and given as much freedom as possible. Trust is an integral part of our ability to provide consistent high standards of care. ​Above all, we respect our clients’ rights to their beliefs and views.


By getting to know the individuals that we care for, we aim to understand the causes behind any behavioural issues. We recognise the Importance of responding in a supportive and therapeutic way to reduce anxiety and minimise the need for physical intervention.


Experienced employees are familiar with possible causes of these problems and are fully trained in diversionary and de-escalation techniques. The proprietor of Linton Support, Lucy Dyer, is responsible for the day to day running of Orion House. With an extensive background in supporting individuals with learning disabilities/mental health/ Autism/ADHD/Prader-Willis/OCD, this personalised management support will ensure this family-run service is well-led.


Orion House
CQC overall rating -GOOD 
(2nd February 2019)

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